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Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
lived. thanks to a survival trip. check this out. it happened just north of los angeles. a 50-year-old woman walking her dogs this morning when she surprised a black bear and her cub. the bear turned on her, scratched her several times, knocked her down, but lost interest after the woman played dead. the bear circled around, sniffed her a few times and took off. >> i'm not surprised. there's lots of bears around here. i've seen them. i've never had any issues. >> the state fish and game authorities say the bear poses a threat to humans, and if they catch it, they'll put it down. there have been 15 confirmed bear attacks in california since 1980. >>> stolen bikes are usually gone for good, but that may not be true anymore. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook shows us the new way to track them down, no matter where they end up. >> reporter: if you plan on navigating the city on two wheels, don't get too attached. >> ever have your bike stolen? >> in san francisco, yes, a couple of times. >> reporter: according to sfpd, 630 bikes were reported stolen last year. >> probably 630 since we started
Oct 25, 2012 1:35am PDT
downtowrn. >>> los angeles police are searching for a california man accused of a million-dollar heist at a casino. but there is a catch on what the thief didn't know that makes the stolen loot worthless. >> reporter: these surveillance pictures allegedly show the thief as he walked through the venetian casino and snuck into a closed-off area usually reserved for high rollers. >> he managed to pry open the lock on the chip container. >> reporter: the man vanished with his $1.6 million haul, because at that early hour, 6 a.m. on october 10, no one was using the room. police say the suspect is 31- year-old akingide cole, who has a mohawk-style haircut and a large growth on his left ear. he's from palmdale, california. >> he's been looking for work for months, and he hasn't been successful with it. >> even though people get away with some of this stuff sometimes initially, it's very difficult to take it through to conclusion. >> reporter: it's the most recent in a string of attempts to chip away at house money. michael belltan was one of two men who pepper sprayed a dealer and stole a millio
Oct 13, 2012 1:35am PDT
squeeze past buildings as it rolled down the streets of los angeles. we have a live look at the 85- ton shuttle prepping for round 2. hey, dad, what's that? it's the shuttle. parked in the slow lane. cbs reporter juan fernandez explains its next mission is to go over delicate roads. >> reporter: people came to see it on manchester and cienega. >> it's amazing. i never seen it before. >> it's big. >> it looks like a giant toy. >> it's incredible. no words. >> reporter: work crews were using a computer operator transporter moving it to a smaller dolly. the weight of the shuttle and transporter can't cross the bridge over the 405. edison crews were a few miles ahead taking down streetlights that might affect the journey. >> we're right on schedule. everything is going well. the only thing that has me nervous is we don't totally control it but the team is confident we'll get to it. that utility work is really the critical task we have to get through. >> reporter: for the bridge crossing an unmodified toyota tundra truck from a local dealership will tow it. an l.a. stuntman will be behind th
Oct 19, 2012 1:35am PDT
or risk getting a bad agreed. a mother whose son attends the los angeles county high school for the arts says students were given homework requiring them to ask their family and friends for donations. she says students were given a script of what to say and had to provide proof that they sent out at least ten requests. >> there has to be something illegal about grading a student based on how much money they can bring in or even proof that they are out soliciting donation. this is a public school. >> the school is tuition free and receives state funding. the district says the fund- raising effort was supposed to be part of the walk for the arts, organized by a volunteer group of parents. and it is looking into the matter. >>> whether you are looking for a new restaurant to try or a hotel to stay in, lots of people use yelp. but it turns out many online reviews that look real are quite fake. cbs 5 reporter julie watts shows us how yelp is going undercover to keep companies from gaming the system. >> how often do you use online reviews? >> every day, all the time. >> do you trust those
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
journey it has ever faced, navigating the streets in los angeles. the shuttle will inch its way from l.a.x. to the california science center. the clearances will be as little as six inches in some spots. >> and what do you do then? >> we just move very carefully, slowly. we tell people to open their windows. >> the shuttle will shuffle along between one and two miles an hour aboard a multi-million dollar transporter that can turn on a dime, allowing endeavour to zig and zag its way past trees and buildings and other obstacles. >>> well, the new iphone knows where you are at all times. turns out, apple has quietly started tracking users again and telling advisers what they want to know. you don't like it? well, here's how to opt out. it's not that easy. pay attention. >> reporter: keeping advertisers from tracking you through your iphone is a lot harder than it should be. from here, where do you think you would go to turn off that tracking? >> hmm. >> reporter: everyone we asked outside the apple store in palo alto, thought you would turn off tracking by going under the privacy settin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)